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A Bit About Me


I have always been the mother figure; the one that friends and family confide in, ask for support from and lean on. Nurturing is within me. From an early age I have surrounded myself with powerful women as well as babies, and have spent all of my working life caring for others.


Like many other women, I found the whole pregnancy journey fascinating, leading me to do lots of research, meet with various practitioners and educate myself around the complex subject that is birth and motherhood. 


Women are incredible!


Birthing and raising the next generation, but sometimes we are pushed aside and just expected to carry on when really we deserve nothing but love and care at such an incredibly changeable time. 


I hope to be able to ease your transition into motherhood, with positivity and gentle, loving care, mothering the mother in those precious early days. I can be there to value your thoughts and emotions, to listen over a cup of tea, as well as talk through any challenges and concerns you may have. My support doesn’t just stop with the birthing person but extends to the whole family, especially birth partners, who can often feel at a loss watching their loved one at such a vulnerable time.

I have worked in close proximity with families from all walks of life for the past 12 years as a nanny, and more recently as a maternity nurse, so my experience with newborns and of the postnatal period is very varied. Since completing my doula course, I have supported home births as well as consultant-led births in hospitals and lots of different experiences that can come in between! I have supported families in early pregnancy right through to birth, through loss, and with children up to secondary school age. 

The wonderful Developing Doulas course has opened my eyes and taught me so much more about a job and lifestyle that I truly adore. I am proud to be an active member of both Cambridge and Suffolk Doulas, with some wonderful women who I am honoured to work alongside.