"I had Harriet for the birth and after. I could not have done it without her. She made me feel confident and strong. Incredibly knowledgeable also. Friendly and makes you feel at ease, easy to contact and you don't feel daft for asking silly questions, and always responds quickly. I would recommend her, and should the time ever came again I would have Harriet again. I have diabetes and she was well informed with the options available for me and gave me the information I needed to make a fully informed choice. (Consultants try to push you one way when diabetic - which I did not want). She's amazing at helping with breastfeeding and has also inspired me to become a breastfeeding counsellor myself. I have also been going through a tough time due to other things going on and Harriet was very supportive and a good listener in that also. She has made a difficult but wonderful time amazing and more of an ease to get through. Me and my little boy are now both well and healthy and Thank you simply is not enough."



"Harriet has a very calm and friendly approach. When my husband and I first met her, she was very good at just listening, she quickly understood our situation and was very compassionate. she was a great resource for us, we asked her advice and opinion on several matters, for example winding, changing formulas, helping ease cold and cough symptoms, she was always able to send us information. she was very helpful and nothing we asked, even when it was probably very basic, seemed to be too much trouble. Harriet has most definitely helped support us in our wishes and we are very grateful to her for the help."



"As we were close in age, I felt Harriet could talk on my level. Her honesty was as up front as I needed or could take mentally and physically. Even when I kept repeating and issue she never made me feel silly and suggested more than one version which helped massively. She sent me links to read and nothing was ever too much. Just all round amazing help. I had a traumatic birth and she was so kind and helpful, more so than any support in the hospital."



"We are very fortunate to have met you and worked together. Our daughter has been crazy about you from the first day we met. You have been such a comfort, especially for me. I believe some people are born to do some jobs and I believe you are one of them. Thanks for all your love, warmth and interest."



"Harriet has been a huge support during our baby led weaning journey especially for a mummy that desperately wanted to do baby led weaning but was very nervous about do so. we are now 5 months into our journey and she continues to support us as and when we need and never makes me feel silly even when I asked silly questions which is often. she is not only knowledgeable through personal experience but has also read extensively on the subject and therefore can back up her advice with relevant literature. Would highly recommend."



"Thanks for your breastfeeding help. I was super struggling and you helped me stay positive. Breastfeeding is FINALLY a whole lot easier so thank you!"



"You are like my god! I thought I was going mad, thank you so much for the links to read, it is all so helpful. Sometimes all we need is reassurance that what we are doing is in our babies best interest, even the tiniest thing can reduce me to tears! But you are just amazing. Thank you so much."



"You are friendly and mothering, such a natural. You are knowledgable and have a way that is calming and feels safe. You have beautiful expressive eyes which are so healing to look into "



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